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An intersectional festival about collective practices & free technologies production

O₄FFDEM programme is out!

Hey! Glad to see you here.

What’s Up? is the continuation of the Off-festival, initiated by petites singularités, of the Free and Open-Source Developer European Meeting to accompany FOSDEM during its 20th anniversary celebration. After four editions, the OFFDEM community decided to make it fly on its own, and this is where it happens.

Why does it exist?

Some free software developers have been unhappy with the takeover of the community event by corporate sponsors from Silicon Valley’s surveillance capitalism. Since there was no way to reform the original gathering, we decided to fork FOSDEM.

Why does it still exist?

As we moved away from FOSDEM, we embraced different ways to organize a political gathering around free technology production. What we’re doing here did not exist before, except to a point in some related hacker circles. Moreover, FOSDEM remains subjugated by the same corporate sponsors that we refuse to see in our community spaces.

What’s next?

We are organized the upcoming events in our forum. You’re welcome to give a hand. Note that there is still some work to do moving our archives from our previous home to here and it may take some time, according to our availability and priorities — but the ongoing activity remains steady.